Sarah posted a great thing she has been doing with revision survival packs that she has made for her young people:

Here’s what the packs contained:

  • A pen – pretty much a must
  • Two pencils – the pencil is mightier than the pen!
  • A jewel shaped pencil sharpener – to remind them that they are a precious treasure to us and God
  • A pot of playdoh – a stress reliever
  • A small card with a Bible passage – reminding them of the need for faith
  • A flier for a youth event at the end of June – reminding them of the hope of the future
  • A heart – reminding them that they are loved
  • An eraser – we all make mistakes
  • A highlighter – because meeting with them is one of the highlights of my week (awww!)
  • Some index cards, post-its and page tags – as markers to show the way
  • A holographic spinner – as a treat for when they’ve revised one card
  • A bouncey ball – as a treat for when they’ve revised a whole topic
  • A set of jumping frogs – as a treat for when they’ve finished a day of revision
Looks awesome, definitely something I might try for next year.
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