Brendan Rodgers has helped to restore the oldest surviving ‘This is Anfield’ sign to its place in the tunnel.  The sign, which hung above the Anfield tunnel for 24 years until it was replaced by a newer version in 1998, was restored to its rightful position after Rodgers proposed that it be re-instated in pride of place.

Rodgers said:

“For me, there are three elements really.  When you come into a football club, you need to have a real sense of the past, a sense of the present and a sense of the future.  And the nostalgia around this football club is immense. I just felt that this was a sign and a symbol of what Liverpool was for many years.  The sign was taken down in 1998 but it was there from 1974 until that point and the period of success within that was phenomenal.  So for me, it’s a mark of the Anfield of old. We’re very much in the modern era but I think it’s very important to remember the great past of this football club and the ‘This is Anfield’ sign is a massive part of that.”

The ‘This is Anfield’ sign was introduced by Bill Shankly in order to strike fear into opposition sides as they waited to take to the Anfield turf.  Shankly saw it as a way of, in his own words, reminding ‘our lads who they’re playing for and to remind the opposition who they’re playing against.’

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