Whilst it is the beginning of the summer, I wanted to do a quick whirl around some links to do with education and schools work:

Chocolate ‘makes pupils better’: A Norfolk headteacher says his pupils’ behaviour has improved since he started giving chocolate as a reward.

Whatisyourworldview: A resource for RE students, developed by a head of RE, with a key emphasis on the use of podcasts etc., to help students learn.

Government helps mosque schools fight extremism: New citizenship materials and training packages for mosque schools are being developed as part of a package of measures to tackle extremism. The government is supporting the Schools and Development Support Agency to work with scholars, educational experts and mosque school teachers to create the resources.

Exclusion failing special needs pupils: Pupils with special educational needs are more than nine times more likely to be expelled than their peers, according to new government figures. The figures also showed 34 per cent of pupils with statements of special educational needs had been temporarily excluded from school, compared to nine per cent of pupils without a statement.

Sanctum – a prayer room in schools: Tim blogs about his experience of putting a prayer room into a secondary school for a week – certainly something I want to think more about.

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