Today has been filled with secondary schools work – a couple of lessons on the true meaning of Christmas and two lunchtime CUs. One of the CUs has had an increase in older pupils attending and so is becoming more self-sufficient – they are keen to run their own sessions and we are there as back-up. But the other group is full of year 8 (12-13 year old) girls – some of whom are Christians, but many of whom aren’t.

It was started last term and following a few random sessions we used YFC’s RS2 introductory pack. This term we have been using Simply Junior High’s small groups stuff on the Fruits of the Spirit – but I am not sure what to do next. We want to keep high energy and participation, but make sure we do open the Bible up (often the only time they are quiet is when they are reading the scriptures out loud) and also something that isn’t too expensive.

Any thoughts – shall I just continue with the Simply Junior High small group stuff or is there something else you recommend?

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