I loved Andy Blanks’ article on Evaluating Yourself Before The New Youth Ministry Year Begins.  The summer and early autumn is a time where many youth workers evaluate and shape the programmes and activities they run, but too often we forget to shine a light on ourselves.


How is your personal life going? How are you spiritually? How are you physically? What’s the status of the important relationships in your life? Are you growing in your relationship with God? Are you improving as a leader? In short, are things going well? Or are they going not-so-well? It’s important as Christ-followers that we are in the habit of taking stock of our lives to make sure we’re living the full life that Christ has enabled us to live. It’s much more vital, however, as leaders and teachers that we make sure we are growing in our faith and that there aren’t areas of our lives that are hindering this growth. So, how do we begin to address these concerns?

He then goes on to pose questions and challenges for your spiritual life, physical discipline, relationships, leadership and work.

Grab a coffee, click here and spend a little bit of time evaluating and reflecting on your own life.

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  1. We came up with a set of simple rules which all came under the heading of RESPECT! After three weeks, we gave the young people a chance to review and change them. They liked them and told us to enforce them more strictly! I don’t seem to have a copy of them anywhere, but if I remember they were – listen to each other and leaders, do as you are asked by a leader, violence and agressive behaviour is not acceptable. Something like that anyway! As for who is responsible for them when, I regularly remind the parents of this in letters and when I see them if there’s an issue.

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