A new national singing programme called Sing Up has been launched in primary schools to help young children gain from the benefits of music.

Singing ambassador, composer Howard Goodall, said: “We already know that young people who are lucky enough to learn music and sing from an early age develop better social skills, memory, ability to listen and have more confidence.” He added: “Singing, in particular, is brilliant. It’s a positive, life-affirming activity that builds a child’s self-esteem, promotes team-work irrespective of age, gender, and background, celebrates diversity, facilitates self-expression, and is just plain fun.”

Sing Up’s Web site (http://www.singup.org/) went live last month and has already built up a wealthy “song bank” of traditional and new songs for teachers, parents and carers to use with young children. The Sing Up Web Site also features a “song of the week” and aims to use singing to investigate different cultures and religions as well as different areas of skill.

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