Jon helpfully posted on the Soul Survivor Bible In One Year.  Similar to Jon many of the young people who we sent to Momentum have come back enthusiastic about joining in the Soul Survivor’s Bible In One Year.  Jon has taken this a step further explaining how you can link the Soul Survivor blog material into your youth group’s facebook page which we’ve set up today.  Check out what Jon wrote, and read the comments on his post for more information on how to link the Soul Survivor feed to your website:

The really interesting and exciting thing about this one is the collaborative effort being promised by the new Bible In One Year Blog. From the blurb:

  • Take thousands of young people all committed to reading the Bible together
  • Add in a brand new arrangement of the Bible, with specific chunks to read each day
  • Start on 1 September, when the new school/uni year is getting going
  • Kick it off with a bit of explanation about how the Bible works and what it contains
  • Mix with online blogs and commentary from Mike Pilavachi, Andy Croft, Ali Martin and more
  • Top it up with prayer, good friends, supportive youth leaders – and a lot of help from God.

A number of our young people were keen to purchase a copy and we’ve committed as a group to get stuck in together. The great thing though is that you don’t actually need a ‘Soul Survivor Bible In One Year’ to follow along. The references and notes should be posted on the blog each day, and being a geeky kind of youth worker, I’ve plugged the RSS feed into our youth group’s Facebook page so they’ll get each day’s notes popping up in their News Feed!

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