Jon has a good post on Starting out in Youth Work.  Here are a few clips on the difference between youth support worker and professional qualifications:

1) Youth Support Worker.
Youth Support Worker is a term recently introduced to describe workers who were known as part-time or locally qualified youth workers. A Youth Support Worker is typically a person in a youth centre, or youth work project, who is assisting the lead youth worker to deliver the work undertaken with young people. Many volunteers currently do this type of role and training is available through local authorities, Further Education Colleges and many voluntary youth services. Some of the training may be classroom based and some will be supported learning in the work place.

2) Professional Qualifications
A degree or Diploma in Higher Education (Dip HE) are for those who want to make a career in youth work and may move into strategic management and development of projects and services at a later date. These qualifications provide knowledge and understanding of theoretical concepts and the policy context for youth work, while also testing a student’s ability to undertake youth work at a sophisticated and challenging level.

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