I was reading in a newspaper today the results of a survey by Essex County Council of nearly 7000 pupils from 77 schools. The findings include:

  • 49% of primary pupils and 27% of secondary pupils said they felt afraid to go to school because of bullying at least sometimes.
  • 26% of secondary boys and 48% of secondary girls worry about what other people think of them.
  • 67% of secondary pupils said they have never smoked a cigarette.
  • 31% of secondary pupils said that they drink alcohol occasionally or regularly
  • 19% of 15 year olds smoked in the last week and 55% drank alcohol in the last week.
  • 25% of secondary pupils said they had been offered illegal drugs.
  • 31% of primary pupils and 64% of secondary pupils thought that there was not enough to do in the area.
  • 53% of primary pupils and 48% of secondary pupils eat vegetables on most days.
  • 58% of primary pupils and 47% of secondary pupils eat fresh fruit on most days.
  • 31% of primary pupils and 42% of secondary pupils would like to lose weight.
Some surprising stats here. I expected the fruit intake of primary school pupils to be higher given that those in key stage 1 get a guaranteed piece each day from the government. I was surprised that the % of pupils who want to lose weight isn’t higher. Most of the statistics to do with alcohol, smoking and drug use are fairly normal.
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