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Christmas video 25: Christmas according to kids

What happens when you ask a bunch of kids to tell the story of Christmas? Enjoy this story of Bethle-ha-ha-ham and the magical star that appeared. The natural humour of the children of Southland Christian Church describing the nativity story makes this an obvious video to show at your Christmas family service:  

Christmas video 21: The Nativity in Sand

The Bible Society produced this video of sand artist Gert van der Vijver retelling the story of the Nativity in sand.  This is a great thing to watch in an all-age service:  

Christmas All-Age Prayers

Yesterday we adapted a prayer idea from Flame Creative Kids Ministry which works brilliant for children with SEND.  Here’s our adaptation for PowerPoint for the prayers to use on the big screen. We’re going to take a few moments to pray using the characters from the nativity.  For each character there is a picture and a topic […]

Christmas All-Age Talk: What shape is Christmas?

This is the script from my all-age talk yesterday: What shape is Christmas for you?   Perhaps the outline of the manger, or the outline of a stable, or a star in the sky (normally a four-pointed star), or an angel.   Or it could be the shape of a Christmas tree, or a Christmas tree […]

A Prayer for Remembrance

A Prayer for Remembrance from the Church of England:

All-Age Talk: Jesus turns water into wine

This morning I spoke at our all-age service on John 2:1-11 looking at Jesus turning water into wine, and here’s the PowerPoint: The first miracle of Jesus took place in Cana of Galilee. The event was a wedding. Cana was a inconspicuous little town that lay outside of Nazareth. Cana had no social prominence in […]

All-Age Talk: Jesus lost in the Temple

This morning I spoke at our all-age service on Jesus being lost in the Temple, click here if you want the PowerPoint: WALL.E has just met the mysterious Eva and they are getting along well when Eva appears to shut down completely.  WALL.E is devastated and tries everything to get her to wake up.  He […]

All-age Talk: God surprises us

This is a copy of my all-age talk on Rahab and how God surprises us that I gave this morning: I’m fascinated by surprises – be it things such as “Can it float?” or “Will it blend?” to the most amazing success stories we see on TV programmes such as Britain’s Got Talent. God uses […]

All-Age Christmas Talk: Highly Favoured

Here’s a copy of the talk I did yesterday at our Children’s Christmas Praise: There are two types of people – those who love Christmas and those who struggle with Christmas.  This year we’re in a credit crunch Christmas.  Someone recently said that we have no wise men left: 10 years ago Steve Jobs was […]