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Thousands of older teenagers facing serious risks because of a “cliff edge” in support

Tens of thousands of older teenagers facing serious risks including child sexual exploitation and mental health issues are missing out on vital support because of a “cliff edge” in support, The Children’s Society has warned.  They said that because there is no statutory requirement for councils to support children in need when they turn 18 they […]

NSPCC warns of ‘blurred boundaries’ between YouTube stars and fans

“Blurred boundaries” between prominent YouTube stars and their young, often impressionable viewers can put young people at risk, the NSPCC has warned. They have created a helpline for victims and have urged those who watch YouTube videos to: Never share your personal information online Do not accept friend requests from people you don’t know in real […]

Hampshire Safeguarding Children Board – Annual Report Infographic

The Hampshire Safeguarding Children Board have released their 2014-15 Annual Report.  There’s a very helpful infographic summary which you can download here:    

Children’s Society research paper

The Children’s Society have recently published a very helpful paper on ‘Too old, too young?: Theology on the ambiguity of adolescence and the impact of neglect’. As the foreword by Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester says: In order to deal with the practical issues around how to protect and nurture children and young people as they […]