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Christmas video 16: Shepherds, Wise Men and baby Jesus spoken word

Miriam Swaffield wrote these spoken word videos about the shepherds, the wise men and baby Jesus. They are brilliant, we’ve used them with our 11-14 year olds who’ve loved them. Fusion have recorded them and made them available for FREE download here – you might want to use them in your services or youth events you’ve got […]

Christmas video 15: Bethlehemiam Rhapsody

Carrying on the series of great Christmas video clips is the Bethlehemiam Rhapsody – old school but great:  

Christmas video 13: Silent Night by Pentatonix

This is one of my favourite versions of Silent Night, incredibly musical and yet beautifully simple like the original piece of music:

Christmas video 12: Christmas time

UCCF produced a spoken word video for Advent and Christmas – great animation and words with a gentle challenge:  

Links from the world of Christianity & Theology

Some interesting links from the world of Christianity & Theology: One in five Brits do not know Jesus Christ born on 25 December, study finds: Report that a study has found that one in five British people do not know that the birth of Jesus is celebrated on Christmas Day. Church of England trains leaders to […]

Christmas video 10: The Beatbox Nativity

Gavin Tyte was one of those who led the way for the development of great Christmas videos with this Beatbox Nativity:  

Christmas video 9: Mulberry Miracle

What does Christmas without Jesus look like? Today in our consumeristic society we replace Jesus with a handbag, a smartphone, food, and so much more.  This is a great video that would work well at a carol service.

Christmas video 8: Are you ready for Christmas?

Roger Carswell warmly narrates this graphic and asks the question, “are you ready for what God wants to give you this Christmas?” You pick up an accompanying book and free downloads of posters, invites and the high definition version of this video here.  

Christmas video 7: Four Kinds of Christmas

Two years ago Glen Scrivener produced a brilliant one-shot video.  It appeals to the human nature to want to label ourselves and one another as it helps us to consider which of the ‘four kinds’ we are, after all everyone loves working out their ‘type’.  There’s an interactive website and book, which could be a great conversation starter.  

Christmas video 5: Miracles can’t happen

Jonathan Greenaway gets under the surface of the response that God becoming human ‘just couldn’t happen’.  

Christmas video 3: CRAZY thing happens to guy at party!!

ITN and the Jerusalem Productions have created two powerful videos reminding people about the Christian meaning of Christmas as an antidote to all the commercialisation, tinsel and drunken partying! The first one of those is this one – Is he drunk? Is he in a parallel universe? Or is this divine intervention?  

Christmas video 2: Jesus: Truth or Fairytale

“Jesus: Truth or Fairytale?” a Christmas video resource aimed at 16-19 year olds. For many young people Christmas is a fairytale, a nice story we repeat each year. This video asks the question, what if God really came to town? The video features Meg Cannon reciting a spoken word piece that brings back the grit, […]