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Top 10 Google searches of 2017

Google has released its Year in Search 2017 report which shows the top 10 most searched topics overall as well as the top 10 searches in 20+ categories. Musicians and politicians featured heavily in last year’s top search terms, with both David Bowie and Prince appearing in the top 10 following their deaths. Hillary Clinton, […]

Google Glass app helps kids with autism see emotions

Stanford University researchers are testing software that is meant to help autistic children with social cues. The Google Glass software reads the emotions on people’s faces, then tells the user what those emotions are. Early research is yielding positive results:  

Social Media Image Sizes 2016 Infographic

Social media is a key communication channel for youth workers.  One of the challenges is that all the different social media networks constantly change the goal posts in terms of how best to share your story. The image sizes that Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and YouTube all use are all completely different.  Here’s […]

Google Street View tours the Guggenheim Museum

One of the museums I would love to revisit is the Guggenheim Museum in New York.  Unfortunately it isn’t the most affordable trip from the UK, which is why a new online tour of the museum will be a welcome addition to Google Street View. Captured using tripod-mounted cameras, Street View trolley cameras and even drones, anyone with […]

2015 in the eyes of Google

2015 was eventful! [youtube id=”q7o7R5BgWDY&” width=”580″ height=”337″] The biggest events of the year were reflected in internet searches. Google brings us their annual montage of the things that happened, that we talked about, that we wanted to know more about, in 2015.  Google trends in the UK for 2015http://Google trends in the UK for 2015.

The Optimal Length for Social Media Updates [Infographic]

Many of us use social media, but these days if you want people to engage it is so important that you make sure your posts are the optimal length. Check out this infographic from Buffer to help you know what is the optimal length for not just social media updates but also for hashtags, blog posts and […]

Google Street View Car Races Mercedes Supercar

Google Street View Car isn’t exactly built for speed. It’s better for slow, steady neighborhood rides while collecting 360-degree imagery of its surroundings (and, sometimes, Wi-Fi data!). So, how would it fare against a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Black Series with 631 horsepower and a top speed of 196 miles per hour? [youtube id=”vi-ljpuEGnA” width=”580″ height=”337″] Simply put, […]

Infographic: 2013 Social Media Stats

Mobile Marketing Watch have published a fantastic info graphic on social media in 2013:  

Funny stories from around the world

Some more funny and random headlines from around the world: Uzbek TV urges respect for parents: Uzbek state-run TV calls on people to be polite to their parents after the president’s daughter took to social media to criticise her mother. US psalm book sells for $14.2m: A tiny book of psalms from 1640 becomes the world’s most expensive printed […]

Social Media Eye Chart

Are you seeing 20/20 when it comes to social media? I know I don’t – I would’ve flunked this Social Media Eye Chart from Bizarro Comics by Dan Piraro.

Carlsberg advert disses Apple release hype

As if there weren’t enough anti-Apple adverts from companies like Samsung and Google, now Carlsberg is getting in on the game too. [youtube id=”Y3rNQ2pTyAY” width=”580″ height=”337″] The beer company released its first UK ad this week for Somersby cider, which pokes fun at all the fuss surrounding Apple product launches.  In the video, dozens of people rush […]