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Long-serving priest gives thanks for 100 years

Britain’s longest serving priest has celebrated his 100th birthday, having ministered to his flock for 75 years.  What a brilliant example of faithful ministry. The Rev William Tavernor was ordained at Ledbury parish church in December 1941 and has been a village vicar across the diocese of Hereford ever since.  He chuckles when he considers […]

10 predictions about the future Church and shifting attendance patterns

Carey Nieuwhof the founding pastor of Connexus Church north of Toronto has written an interesting post on 10 predictions about the future Church and shifting attendance patterns: The potential to gain is still greater than the potential to lose Churches that love their model more than the mission will die The gathered church is here to […]

Reflections on nearly 40 years of ministry

Sam Storms, the lead pastor for preaching and vision at Bridgeway Church in Oklahoma City, has written a fascinating blog post reflecting on nearly 40 years of pastoral ministry. I’m not sure I full subscribe to everything he has written – for example I would fully subscribe to women being fully involved in church leadership. […]

Church of England Ministry Status Codes

I loved the blog post on Waxing My Knees regarding CofE Ministry Status Codes, enjoy! Here’s a list of Church of England Ministry Error Codes inspired by a recent conversation on a certain clergy web forum. All are genuine http web error codes.  ***Simon Douglas has pointed out that these are in fact ‘status codes, but […]

How to Maintain Pastoral Zeal While Avoiding Pastoral Burnout

Christopher Ash, director of Cornhill Training Course, speaking on May 13, 2014, at Truth for Life’s Basics conference, shares out of personal experience and from the Word: How can burnout be a problem in ministry when Christ Himself encouraged His followers to give up everything for the sake of the Gospel? Christopher Ash explains that there […]

Winchester Diocesan Synod Update

Here are my notes from the Diocesan Synod Fish and Chip Supper last night which shared an update on the Winchester Diocese vision. Colin – Overview of the Resource Pack The Conference was great but how do we engage all those who weren’t there – the 30,000 who attend our churches each week. Post-Conference Resource […]

Jesus Didn’t Do It All

“Jesus didn’t do it all. Jesus didn’t meet every need. He left people waiting in line to be healed. He left one town to preach to another. He hid away to pray. He got tired. He never interacted with the vast majority of people on the planet. He spent thirty years in training and only […]

The Technology Tornado

I loved The Technology Tornado post on the Simply Youth Ministry newsletter this last week: This area has been a particular struggle in our own marriage, and one that we have by no means figured out. We’ve had many talks and constantly wrestle with what boundaries work for our relationship. In this day and age […]

Winchester Diocesan Synod Conference 2013

This last week I was privileged to join with 200 other Diocesan Synod members and guests at the Winchester Diocese Synod Conference at The Hayes.  God did some truly amazing things as we talked, prayed, worshiped and listened together – uniting such a diverse group of people around four priorities for the next three to […]

Winchester Diocesan Synod Conference 2013 – Session 14

The 14th session of the Diocesan Conference is entitled “Mission, ministry and discipleship review” and is led by Caroline Baston.  This is a live blog – apologies for any spelling mistakes and/or typos. Caroline Baston has chaired a complex review asking serious questions, suffering from ill health couldn’t make the drive up here, so Tim […]

The “Chips” Principle

I loved this article from Kurt, on the Simply Youth Ministry mailout last week: I think I first heard about the “chips” principle when I was working for former pastor and current leadership guru John Maxwell. The concept is a simple one: In church ministry you are constantly putting “chips” in your pocket, or taking […]

Books I have read: Who Stole My Church

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been reading Who Stole My Church by Gordon MacDonald.  Travelling back from the Digital Children conference at Cliff College I had a chance to finish it on the train.  The concept of the book is a story, a narrative of an imaginary church in a New England town which examines issues and tensions […]