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Government must invest in children’s & youth services

Leading children’s charities and local councils have called on the Government to urgently close the funding gap facing children and young people’s services as new research reveals a sharp rise in families reaching “crisis point”. An open letter signed by five major organisations warns that children’s social care is being pushed to breaking point, with […]

Archbishop John Sentamu criticises UK food poverty

Archbishop John Sentamu in a speech at General Synod has called for “more equitable, more caring world” and questioned the effects of government’s welfare reforms: In a long and often angry address to the Church of England general synod on Tuesday, John Sentamu said static salaries and rising prices had left nine million people living below the […]

The World’s 85 Richest People Have as Much Money as the World’s Poorest 3.5 Billion

You could read that headline every day for the rest of your life, and it’d probably never fully sink in. Here are some truly staggering numbers from Oxfam, who released a study on the world’s income disparity that is absolutely eye-popping.  Just a run down of the bullet points is incredible: Nearly 50 percent of the […]

Poverty in schools

UNISON has published the results of a survey of 3,000 school support staff. Key findings include: 87% say children are coming to school tired 85% say children are coming to school hungry 80% see children coming to school without proper uniforms or in worn out clothes 73% believe that poverty has a negative impact on the education […]

Fair and Square: From the Children’s Society

Your campaigning works – the government’s own advisors have today recognised that 700,000 children from poor working families aren’t allowed free school meals and cannot afford to pay for them. They say these children are sometimes going hungry and things should change. The Government has still not promised to change things, but it has promised to ‘investigate’. Now […]

‘The Church in Action’ – latest research report from Church Urban Fund

Church Urban Fund’s latest research report The Church in Action: a national survey of church-led social action quantifies the scale of Anglican church-led social action in England, explores the types of activities that parishes run and identifies the social needs they help to address. Our findings show that thousands of parish churches around the country play an […]

Councillor in attack on food bank

A senior York politician has sparked a furious row by saying there is no real poverty in Britain and people should not donate to food banks. Chris Steward, a Conservative councillor, said living standards had surged, that there was no need for food banks, that they were an insult to starving people around the world, […]