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The Adoptables Toolkit – a free resource for key stages 2 and 3

The Adoptables Toolkit is a free resource for key stages 2 and 3 that enables students to understand the issues faced by adopted children and young people at school.  It will also increase staff awareness of behavioural issues that can affect young people from the care system. The package for schools includes lesson plans, teachers’ […]

CrossTeach banned from Church primary school for being ‘extremist’

A primary school in Kent has cuts its ties with a Christian group after parents complained of religious extremism and claimed children had been distressed by comments about gay marriage and a demonstration of “God’s power” in assemblies. Dan Turvey, the headteacher of St John’s Church of England primary school in Tunbridge Wells, told parents […]

Children’s & youth work links

Links from the world of children’s and youth ministry: How do we help young people to pray?: Joel Goodlet has written a great blog on the need to stop sending out the invitation to ‘try prayer’ and find a way instead to encourage our young people to devote themselves to prayer. Hugh Hefner Wrecked My Life. . . Sort […]

Children’s and Young People writing

Key findings about children and young people writing in 2015 from the Literacy Trust, based on a survey of 32,569 children and young people aged 8 to 18, include: Fewer children and young people enjoyed writing in 2015 compared with the previous year, with enjoyment levels dropping from 49.3% in 2014 to 44.8% in 2015. […]

Christmas video 2: Bethlehemiam Rhapsody

Carrying on the series of great Christmas video clips is the Bethlehemiam Rhapsody – old school but great:

Assembly: Ambition

This morning I led an assembly on the theme of Ambition for one of our local junior schools: Preparation and materials None required. Assembly I have a question for all of you sat here before me: what do you want to be when you grow up? Wait for responses or have a few members of […]

Bishop Rachel Treweek to lead campaign tackling negative body image

  One of the Church of England’s first female bishops is launching a campaign to tackle to negative body image. Bishop of Gloucester Rachel Treweek has already visited a number of schools to talk to girls about the problem. She said her experience as a teenager had inspired her to tackle the issue.  She told […]

Assembly: Special names

This afternoon I did an assembly in one of our local Infant school’s on the theme of names: Preparation and materials You will need some name trays or labels from the new Reception class. If possible, choose children who have the same first name as someone else in the school. Have available a class register from […]

Archbishop: Church of England schools can help shape ‘hopeful’ society

Read the Archbishop of Canterbury’s on the vision for CofE schools in this week’s TES: Education is at the heart of the work the Church of England does for the common good.  Through its 4,500 primary and 200 secondary schools, it educates around one million children a day. It is estimated that around 15 million […]

More than half of secondary school pupils think people have souls and life has a purpose

New research has been published showing that more than half of secondary school pupils believe that people have souls, a survey has revealed. The majority of those questioned (52 per cent) also said that they agreed with the statement “I believe that life has an ultimate purpose” and 45 per cent believe in God.  But […]

Clearing 2016 – A step-by-step guide

Around 300,000 students will receive their A-level results on Thursday, and like every year, thousands of students will suddenly find themselves thrown into the Clearing system. If you are among them, remember – ending up in Clearing is no reason to panic. University Clearing is there for anyone who has applied through Ucas but is without a place […]

A-level results – how to help your teenager

Here are some top tips on dealing with A’ level results: For parents: Don’t be afraid to talk about the results, either before or after. Don’t shy away from the disappointment your child is feeling. Encourage him or her to talk about it. Keep talking about the many possible future paths available. Emphasise how hard they’ve […]