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It’s Your Move Early Bird Offer

It’s Your Move Early Bird Offer

One of the highlights of my summer is working with all our local year 6 pupils as they prepare to transition to secondary school.

One of the resources we use to help them is It’s Your Move from Scripture Union.  It is a 64-page book that has already provided over 1,400,000 children with much needed support, answering many of their questions as well as giving lots more advice.

We currently run a one hour lesson for Year 6s in each local Junior school and then present It’s Your Move to the pupils through a special assembly.

It’s Your Move is also available in Welsh as Y Cam Nesa

The full price for a pack of ten books is £20, but Scripture Union have a fantastic offer of ten books for only £12 if you order before 31 March 2016. Order It’s Your Move today!