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Christmas video 12: Christmas time

UCCF produced a spoken word video for Advent and Christmas – great animation and words with a gentle challenge:  

How has the UK student population changed?

September is the time in youth work where we say “hello” to new young people and goodbye to older young people who are making their way into employment or off to university. The ONS has produced some very interesting data about student population in the UK. Student numbers have almost doubled since 1992 Download the […]

Amazing student invention

Two undergraduate students at the University of Washington have worked to invent a new way to communicate. Navid Azodi and Thomas Pryor won a $10,000 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize — an American search for the most inventive undergraduate and graduate students — for their invention, SignAloud gloves, which can translate American Sign Language into speech or text. Azodi […]

Saying goodbye to students

As our young people leave for uni we try to give them a little goody bag.  This year it included: Pot Noodle Bag for life Pens Post-it notes Notebook Corkscrew Baked beans Highlighters First by Matt Carvel Some of these are fairly useless and jokey presents, others have a more serious use and meaning to them […]

75% of homeless youth use Facebook and Twitter

A recent study found that 75% of homeless young people use social networks to stay connected to others – a number comparable to that of university and college students. The study, led by the University of Alabama’s Rosanna Guadagno, surveyed 237 college and 65 homeless young people that were an average of 19 years old. […]