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Upcoming funding deadline: Comic Relief Tech for Good 2018

Comic Relief Tech for Good 2018 funding stream has an upcoming deadline.  The fund is well worth looking at for youth work projects. Deadline: 20 December 2017 Who can apply? Not-for-profit groups in the UK How much? Between £15,000 and £47,000 What for? This programme aims to provide the opportunity for not-for-profit organisations, who already have some technological […]

Traffic lights in the ground help teenagers avoid traffic

In Germany they call them “smombies” – or smartphone zombies – people who are so caught up in their device they roam the streets oblivious to other people, traffic or rogue lamp posts. Now this particular breed of tech junkie has been given special traffic lights — installed into the pavements — to help them avoid oncoming […]

Marvel launches contest encouraging teen girls to pursue science & technology

Move over, male superheroes. A new contest initiative from Marvel Entertainment encourages high school girls to develop science and tech projects that they believe can change the world. Emily VanCamp and Elizabeth Olsen just introduced the Captain America: Civil Warchallenge, an opportunity for girls between the ages of 15-18 to explore science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) projects […]

The Technology Tornado

I loved The Technology Tornado post on the Simply Youth Ministry newsletter this last week: This area has been a particular struggle in our own marriage, and one that we have by no means figured out. We’ve had many talks and constantly wrestle with what boundaries work for our relationship. In this day and age […]

Digital Children: From Clay Tablets to iPads

Dave Roberts  carried on the Digital Children conference with Clay Tablets to iPads: Watching a programme about impressionist paintings was like watching paint dry, but was surprised and became hooked to the four programmes in the series.  The presenter spoke about howthe artists wanted to paint the ordinary things. They were aided by several things Tube technology for […]

Technology Has Come a Long Way

iPad vs Paper

You can draw on paper. You can draw on an iPad. You can type on paper. You can type on an iPad. You can make notes on paper. You can make notes on an iPad. You can … well … take a look: [youtube id=”UR4mlLiyjYo” width=”580″ height=”337″]

9 New Ways We Sit, Thanks to Technology

Brilliant, and so true.  Due to the various technology/devices we own and use on a daily basis – these positions are widely seen. Read full article here

Franciscan Friars want you to text your prayers

Just a month after Pope Benedict XVI launched his official Twitter account, other representatives of the Catholic faith are giving new meaning to the term, “religious text.” The Holy Name Province, self-described as the largest group of friars in the USA, announced that they are now accepting prayer intentions via text. Called “Text a Prayer […]