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Government must invest in children’s & youth services

Leading children’s charities and local councils have called on the Government to urgently close the funding gap facing children and young people’s services as new research reveals a sharp rise in families reaching “crisis point”. An open letter signed by five major organisations warns that children’s social care is being pushed to breaking point, with […]

Tens of thousands of UK teenagers neglected at home, report says

Survey of year 10 pupils suggests one in seven experience some form of neglect, risking their physical and emotional health. A survey commissioned by the Children’s Society found that one in seven 14- and 15-year-olds had experienced at least one form of neglectful parenting, the equivalent of three to four students in every year 10 classroom. Emotional […]

Teenage sex-crime victims ‘don’t report offences as they fear not being believed’

Huge numbers of sex crimes against older teenagers in England and Wales in the last year went unreported and unpunished because many victims were gripped by the fear of not being believed and suspicion of the justice system, a new report by The Children’s Society reveals. The staggering scale of under-reporting is highlighted in new figures obtained […]

Through Young Eyes

How do we put children at the centre of the debate about child poverty? How can you start a conversation with young people about an issue as difficult as “poverty” and help them to speak out? You may have heard about The Children’s Commission on Poverty, supported by The Children’s Society, which has brought together […]

Fair and Square: From the Children’s Society

Your campaigning works – the government’s own advisors have today recognised that 700,000 children from poor working families aren’t allowed free school meals and cannot afford to pay for them. They say these children are sometimes going hungry and things should change. The Government has still not promised to change things, but it has promised to ‘investigate’. Now […]

What to do if your child goes missing

The Children’s Society have published a very helpful leaflet giving advice to parents and carers on what to do if their child goes missing. You can download the leaflet by clicking here.