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Children’s & youth work links

Links from the world of children’s and youth ministry: How do we help young people to pray?: Joel Goodlet has written a great blog on the need to stop sending out the invitation to ‘try prayer’ and find a way instead to encourage our young people to devote themselves to prayer. Hugh Hefner Wrecked My Life. . . Sort […]

Get £10,000 to help the environment

Environmental issues are already presenting challenges to how we live, but what are we doing about it? Digital technology can help create solutions and lead us to a greener, better world. As a generation, we have the innovation, skills and passion to drive positive change, so we want you to get thinking about the environmental problems […]

Young Britons living in ‘suspended adulthood’

Despair, worries about the future and financial pressures are taking a toll on millions of young Britons, according to a poll which found young women in particular were suffering. Low pay and lack of work in today’s Britain are resulting in “suspended adulthood”, with many living or moving back in with their parents and putting off […]

An Infographic on Anonymous Apps and Teenagers

One of the most frequent questions I receive from parents is about apps that teenagers are using and what a caring parents perspective should be on them. The team from have released a helpful infographic which gives a quick and concise overview of these anonymous apps – something you can share with parents.  

Why are young people drinking less alcohol?

There was a fascinating article published in New Statesman about how young people are drinking less and that individual alcohol consumption in Britain has declined sharply. Whenever horrific tales of the drunken escapades of the youth are reported, one photo reliably gets wheeled out: “bench girl”, a young woman lying passed out on a public bench above bottles of […]

4Youth hosting Level 3 Certificate in Youth Work Practice in 2016

4Youth are hosting a Level 3 course in Youth Work Practice, commencing in January 2016, in Eastleigh. This is a great opportunity to gain a national recognised qualification with JNC, delivered locally in Hmpshire.  The closing date for applications is 12pm, Monday 11th January 2016. The course is for youth workers who are already working […]

Institute for Youth Work recruiting Council members

The Institute of Youth Work are recruiting new leaders for their Council: Do you have the drive and the skills to be a leader in the Youth Sector? Could you give your organisational skills to a cause that supports many hundreds of Youth Workers? Are you ready to give support to our profession at a […]

Christmas assembly: Highly favoured

Here’s a copy of the assembly I did last year at our local special secondary school: Take a look at the screens: [youtube id=”QXgH8ZIz9jQ” width=”580″ height=”337″] Christmas in a Nutshell is that God showed up in our neighbourhood so we would know who the eternal God is and what he’s really like. There are two types […]

Lifeboat Prayers – Praying for the refugee crisis with young people

During 2015, many thousands of refugees risked their lives (and many others lost their lives) as they sailed across the Mediterranean Sea in small boats. People do desperate things when their lives are in unimaginable danger. This activity encourages students to think about refugees who are leaving their homes and precious possessions behind in order to escape […]

How to talk about Paris with young people?

The challenge for any youth worker is how do we talk with the young people about the shocking news of the terror attacks in Paris. The Frontier Youth Trust through Ian Long and Pip Wilson have produced a brilliant Blob Paris – a free blob download for those working with children and young people: In […]

Youth homelessness in the UK

A new study on Youth Homelessness in the UK has been published.  The study focuses on identifying priorities for future service development. This study reviews changes in youth homelessness policy and practice across the UK since 2008. It draws on academic research, “grey literature”, and available data and statistics, combined with qualitative interviews and focus groups with […]

Children’s Society research paper

The Children’s Society have recently published a very helpful paper on ‘Too old, too young?: Theology on the ambiguity of adolescence and the impact of neglect’. As the foreword by Rt Revd Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester says: In order to deal with the practical issues around how to protect and nurture children and young people as they […]