Children give their opinion on Adele


Adele’s 25 has been breaking records ever since it was released in November, but what do children think about the British songstress?

Luckily the YouTube channel Fine Brothers have the answers.  They gathered a group of children and played them “Hello” and 21 favourite “Rolling in the Deep.”

[youtube id=”0RLU7hfgP8w” width=”580″ height=”337″]

The seven minute video is full of amusing impressions and comments, with some saying she is perfect while others say they prefer hip hop. One just asks: “What does this all represent?”

Christmas video 22: A Capella Christmas Mashup

1 Girl Nation have created an a cappella Christmas mash up.  One of the benefits of a great mash up is it makes you listen and focus harder on the music and lyrics:

[youtube id=”-VLWCHfBgCM” width=”580″ height=”337″]

Christmas video 21: The Audition

The Nativity Factor has brought us some great little Christmas videos over the years.  This was a runner up in the 2014 competition and has some great thought provoking bits for an older youth group – be warned there is a bit of strong language.

[youtube id=”odtfRMKtRHA” width=”580″ height=”337″]

Christmas video 20: remake of John Lewis Christmas 2015 advert

John Lewis have had some of the most powerful Christmas adverts in the UK over the last few years.  This is a very well done parody with a Christian Twist.  A great illustration which we used this morning in our Children’s Christmas Praise service.

[youtube id=”KoxTF_31yyE” width=”580″ height=”337″]

Christmas video 19: Shepherds, Wise Men and baby Jesus spoken word

Spoken Word - Christmas

Miriam Swaffield wrote these spoken word videos about the shepherds, the wise men and baby Jesus. They are brilliant, we’ve used them with our 11-14 year olds who’ve loved them.

Fusion have recorded them and made them available for FREE download here – you might want to use them in your services or youth events you’ve got planned.

[youtube id=”cQNMtoMC9OI” width=”580″ height=”337″]

[youtube id=”s70MJa7XxS0″ width=”580″ height=”337″]

[youtube id=”qnDVo-qevpQ” width=”580″ height=”337″]

Christmas video 17: The Wish Writer – Macy’s Christmas advert

Another great Christmas advert, this time from Macy’s over in the USA.

It focuses on the idea, as in many of the adverts, that giving is the real meaning of Christmas.  It’s an interesting conversation to have with the youth group about who gives what to who at Christmas – and what is the gift that Jesus and God advertise.

[youtube id=”sBMg1bpFK7w” width=”580″ height=”337″]

Christmas video 16: Angels from the Realms of Glory – thousand people choir!

This time we’ve got another version of ‘Angels from the Realms of Glory’ with a record breaking number of angels (or rather people dressed as angels!) and a live nativity (they claim none are digitally added or copied. A pretty amazing feat!) , alongside The Piano Guys who have a great set of Christmas albums:

[youtube id=”PrLoWt2tfqg” width=”580″ height=”337″]

Christmas video 15: Mulberry Miracle

What does Christmas without Jesus look like?

[youtube id=”VilRHLu6K4k” width=”580″ height=”337″]

Today in our consumeristic society we replace Jesus with a handbag, a smartphone, food, and so much more.  This is a great video that would work well at a carol service.

Christmas video 14: The Nativity in Sand

The Bible Society produced this video of sand artist Gert van der Vijver retelling the story of the Nativity in sand.  This is a great thing to watch in an all-age service:


[youtube id=”7TSOrYtg66w” width=”580″ height=”337″]