Former England striker Teddy Sheringham has announced he will retire at the end of the season.  Sheringham, who will turn 42 next month, is currently at Championship side Colchester United, where he will finally end his 26-year career.

Sheringham said: “After a long and fun-filled career I have decided this season will be my last.  I’ve had a fantastic time and want to thank all those who have contributed to my career and helped me along the way.”

He started playing for Millwall in 1982, signed by Brian Clough to Nottingham Forest in 1991.  Soon after he spent a five-year period with Spurs, followed by Manchester United in 1997.  He was part of the treble-winning team of 1999.  In 2001 he returned to Tottenham for two years, before going to Portsmouth and West Ham.  He agreed a one-year deal with Colchester, where he presently plays.

Teddy Sheringham

So far he has scored 361 goals over his career.  As annoying a player he is to be on the opposition’s team he is an absolute legend.  It is only with great dedication and passion that you can continue playing to the age of 42, and certainly it highlights his passion for football that he has continued playing outside of the Premiership in the last year.

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