This was the title of the talk Krish Kandiah was given for a talk he gave to several hundred youth workers at a summit in Manchester.

His post outlines the talk he gave, in summary:

Its why when you use the off-the-shelf courses like Alpha and Christianity Explored – both can be helpful, but both can be dangerous because they can deliver the right message but to the wrong audience. If you tell the excluded and the marginalized that they are sinners in need of judgement as the entry point then you can push them further away from the kingdom. If you tell religiously self confident and judgemental people a gospel only of grace and acceptance you risk confirming them in their delusion that they are part of the kingdom.

The key is that context determines content. Just as Jesus doesn’t preach a fake scripted gospel message to everyone but rather finds takes time to understand the person standing in front of him and then explain to them the aspect of the gospel that connects with them. We need to triangulate between a sensitivity to the Spirit, a deep knowledge of the Bible and a listening and compassionate spirit to the people we are seeking to communicate with.

I’m gutted to have missed Krish’s talk, I think this could be a key issue for this generation of youth workers and ministers, each generations adjusts the pendulum between of a focus on grace and judgement what will this generation focus on?


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