Bill Edgar writing in the Times

  1. Scrap the away goals rule and penalty shoot-outs in two-legged games.
  2. Use goal difference before head-to-head records.
  3. Introduce “celebration time” and remove punishments.
  4. Book players for ANY dissent.
  5. Scrap the rule that forces injured players to leave the pitch after receiving treatment before re-entering the field.
  6. If a player falls to the ground and stays down apparently injured for, say, three seconds, the referee should stop the game immediately.
  7. Players must retreat ten yards at a free kick within five seconds.
  8. Dismiss goalkeepers for encroachment at a penalty.
  9. Suspensions for an accumulation of non-bookable fouls conceded.
  10. Scrap offside.

I’m not sure I could cope with some of his proposals: I think rule 6 would be very hard to manage, rule 8 seems a little over the top, and rule 9 would be impossible.  I like the concept of getting rid of offside but does it change football too much?

I do like rule 1 – it always leads to England losing to Germany this would help our country!  Rule 3-5 all just make sense – they are ridicolous rules at the moment.  Rule 7 would certainly stop arguing – it might need to be a bit longer than 5 seconds but hopefully it would stop the Chelsea and Man Utd’s of this world with their harrassing of referees.  What do you think?

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