The government should scrap the current system of tests for school pupils because it risks damaging children and created an atmosphere where schools became focused on hitting targets, MPs said on Tuesday.  A highly critical report by the Children Schools and Families Committee called said urgent reform was needed as the government’s use of tests to make conclusions about schools as well as an individual pupil’s progress was inappropriate.

It concluded that the use of league tables, which assess schools on the performance of their pupils, meant some institutions concentrated more on maximising test results than giving children a more rounded education.

“In an effort to drive up national standards, too much emphasis has been placed on a single set of tests and this has been to the detriment of some aspects of the curriculum and some students,” Barry Sheerman, the committee’s chairman, said.

The committee would like to see teachers focus less on test results and more on personalised learning, he added.

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0 thoughts on “School is ‘the last moral force’”

  1. What morals do students learn from school administrators more interested in personal political advancement than sound educational policies and practices designed to positively influence students?

    What morals are taught by administrators who change grades given students by teachers in order to indicate a higher percentage of passing students at the school entrusted to their supervision?

    What morals are taught by administrators who are more intent on covering up inappropriate student behavior incidents than taking effective corrective action?

    Do you suppose inappropriate school administration is the primary cause behind the tremendous rate of teacher turnover in public schools in America?

    Perhaps a change in perspective in which public education is viewed as a privilege would significantly improve the quality of education students receive. Certainly students in Iraq and African nations, long denied educational opportunity, strive more diligently than American students to take advantage of available educational opportunities. Active student participation in the learning process is a most critical factor in gaining a sound education designed to facilitate success in later adult life. The onus for such active participation must properly be on the student, rather than the teacher.

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