I spotted an interesting post over at LifeHacker about using the night before to get your morning off to a good start.  They linked to a post on The 10 O’Clock Rule from LifeClever which suggests setting a certain time each evening (they talk about 10:00pm, but it truely could be any time) where you start sorting everything out for the next morning.  For me that would include sorting out what I am wearing, and remembering to pick up all my kit if I am running football club etc., making my lunch, collecting my bits together and putting them into my bag.

There are two main benefits to the 10 O’Clock rule. First, you’re much more likely to take care of those end-of-night chores that sometimes get skipped, from washing the dishes to flossing, because you’re tackling them before you’ve completely run out of steam. Second, you’ll be much more likely to wake up on time, and have a pleasant morning.

I also wonder if it would help me become more consistent on going to bed at a certain time, if I was to have a bigger wind down and setting up time each night.

What things do you do to help the morning be less stressful?

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