Whilst doing bits of admin and writing last night I had the television on in the background.  It turned out it was the 9/11 Faker programme for Cutting Edge.  This was a shocking programme, that unfortunately left us with so many unanswered questions, in one sense the programme was poor due to not having got a meeting with the “faker” herself, Tania Head.

If you’ve not heard before, the story is as follows, Head pretended to be a survivor of the southern tower’s collapse.  Her fiancé, she claimed, (in other versions she said it was her husband) had died in the northern tower.  She claimed to be one of 19 people who had survived in the southern tower above the point of the impact of the hijacked plane.

What was scary was how detailed and thought through her lies were.  I was quite disturbed by it.  Has anyone else seen the programme (I’m fairly sure it is an old repeat) or heard of Tania’s story?

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