Fantastic article by Kara Powell on the untapped resources in church:

After I described Ruth and her amazing commitment to write one letter at the start of every fall to each high school graduate, an audience member raised his hand. I called on him, and he stood to explain, “I was here last night and saw Ruth talking to you. I know Ruth. We’re part of the same church. She doesn’t write those high school graduates once at the start of every fall. She writes them every week.” Maybe you’re thinking what I and many audience members said aloud that day: Wow. Ruth reminds us that there’s a group of people with untapped potential to don a jersey and join your family’s Sticky Faith team.

Kara goes on to talk about the role of grandparents.  It’s something we see really valuable at Dibden Churches – our aim is to have a grandparent figure in each of our children’s and youth groups.  We find they bring a different dynamic to our children’s and youth ministry?

How do you use older people in your ministry?


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