As I’ve moved to Tonbridge I am hoping to sell the car (Seat Ibiza, Y reg, nearly 100,000 miles – shout in a comment if you’re interested) and get back to cycling, so it was very pleasing to see this pop up in my Google Reader:

If your two-wheeled transport is in need of a seasonal tuneup or any kind of fix, The Bicycle Tutor can clearly explain what you’ll need to get it done. Run by a photography enthusiast and serious bike geek, the site offers plain-English tutorials in both hi-res video and full text. The streaming videos are free to watch on the site, but you can buy QuickTime videos for a buck or two to load on your iPod and bring out to where the work is. It’s a good bookmark for everything from changing a flat to replacing your chain rings.

The Bicycle Tutor [via Lifehacker]

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0 thoughts on “Should cyclists cycle on the pavement?”

  1. Highway Code Geek: you can only drive a mobility scooter on a pavement at 4mph, you can drive it at 8mph if you are on a road.

    1. Good knowledge! Certainly some of the mobility scooters in Tonbridge go a lot faster than that – they’ve obviously taken off the speed limiters!

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