This morning all the news was about Osama Bin Laden’s death.  I’ve been surprised by the range of reactions exhibited around the world.  Some of my random thoughts:

Justice: Bin Laden has killed thousands of people, he deserved to be  brought to justice, his actions had consequences.

Safer: in theory the world should be a safer place without Bin Laden – only time will tell – especially given Bin Laden wasn’t in operational charge over the last few years due to his concerns about compromising his location.

Sadness: the Bible teaches us that human life is precious, that includes the lives of terrorists. It is possible to believe killing Bin Laden was the right thing to do, and still be saddened by it.

Arrogance: Some of the scenes from around the world show street reveling, this seems in direct contrast with how angry the West got at the scenes of street celebrations in other countries following the terrorist acts.

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One thought on “Hundreds of websites urging girls to ‘starve for perfection’”

  1. Chris, forgive me if this is a bit off topic, but… This will make any

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    I just read that in a research project seventy obese American youngsters from the age ranges of six to 19 had been subjected to

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    with fat had on their more youthful body. The final results ended up being eye opening. All had

    high cholesterol levels and were included in the high-risk group of

    having coronary disease and heart failure that a few subjects ended up already expressing symptoms of.

    Could there be any kind of hope

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