Dog ate my homework

An Englewood, Colorado, student named Payton built a volcano as a school project. It was made of chocolate sweets pinned to a foam base. Her dog Reggie couldn’t resist, and ate the whole thing. Reggie was taken to a veterinary hospital, where x-rays showed 50 pins in the dog’s gut! Many were retrieved endoscopically, but Reggie underwent surgery to remove the last few pins. Reggie has since recovered completely. Payton showed her teacher the x-ray to explain why her assignment wasn’t done on time.

The science assignment has been redone and handed in for credit.

“I completely redid the project with glue the second time.”

Reggie and Payton received high praise for their first scientific endeavor.

“I got an ‘A.’ “

This just goes to show that no matter how old and cliched an excuse is, sometimes it might turn out to be true.

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