The future of youth ministry

Various people (especially Marko and Lev) have drawn attention to the article by Christianity Today on the future of youth ministry in 50 years. It is a really tough question – I struggle to think what things will be like in 2 or 3 years time let alone 50 – I will be 73 by that stage! I think it will be interesting to see how key thoughts and agencies adapt over time – thinking both of the emergent group but also of groups such as Scripture Union, Youth for Christ, and Crusaders. What will their role be, how will they have adapted?
We had a strategy day for the local schools work group last weekend and someone there made a really interesting comment. What happens if the government takes all religious content out of the schools how then do we reach young people? If that were to happen – as seems increasingly likely, sad as it is, in this age of political correctness, it puts a big pressure on the church to ensure that it improves the way that it reaches out to young people. That is certainly a huge challenge to mull over.

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  1. Youthworkers from the USA who come over are often amazed at the access we have to schools.
    But would it be so bad if the sitiuation with schools changed?

  2. certainly there are those Christians who see taking RE away from schools as a benefit rather than a hindrance. Not sure what I feel yet, one to ponder though.

  3. Hi Chris and welcome to the blogosphere!
    As things look at the moment I’m not sure that the government is going to ‘take all religious content out of schools’ anytime soon. There is a strongly held, if debateable, view that RE helps to foster better understanding between different religious groups within a multi-faith society. Schools are also assessed on the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development of their students, within which there is a real need, and request, for good (Christian) input.
    I have come to the conclusion that schools workers input into RE lessons is of limited missional value. There are many ways in which Christian youth and schools workers can be positively welcomed and involved in schools. I’m starting to think much more in terms of ‘schools workers as youth workers’ than ‘schools workers as teachers’. Just a few quick thoughts…

  4. Hi Tim

    Thanks for your thoughts. I agree that the key for schools work is the involvement in the school community. If I am just doing assemblies or lessons than I have limited impact. When I am involved in a more holistic approach to the school it seems to have a bigger impact.

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