Thabiti Anyabwile has written a great post on the Gospel according to Prometheus, check out this little clip:

So, how was “Prometheus”? Well… I think I’ll let you decide. I will say this: Like a lot of people, I was most taken with the religious themes running through the movie. Unlike a lot of sci-fi films that either take a condescending attitude toward religion, scoffing at the very notion of God’s existence, or those films that use bright lighting and a little feng shui on the set to turn New Age, pantheistic, panentheistic, and squishy, I rather enjoyed the almost point-counterpoint exchanges dabbled throughout Prometheus. Here’s a movie that puts the question of origin and God’s existence center stage–perfect for an outing with that neighbor or friend that does not yet believe in the Lord.

I think the movie makes sharing the Good News easy because of the question it asks. Prometheus doesn’t simply ask, “Is there a God?” or “Where do we come from?”, the movie pushes further and dares us to ask, “What if you meet your Maker and he’s angry with you?”

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