I love the concept of The Idea Table (via Lifehacker):

This Lack hack combines the iconic IKEA table with some printer paper to create a coffee table that pulls double duty in your living room or office as a notepad, drawing table, brainstorming pad, and creativity station. Once you get the paper, it’s surprisingly easy to make.

Aileen over at Crafting Clever put this table notepad together using some thick printer paper, some tissue paper and glue to make the tear-away binding for one side, and the Lack table on the bottom. The pad itself is affixed to the table with double-sided tape so it doesn’t move around when you’re writing on the notepad. We could see using Velcro instead so you can easily swap out the pad when you run out of paper, but this is a really neat hack on its own.

The Idea Table | Crafting Clever

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