Doug Fields has written a great article on the importance and power of teamwork within youth ministry. So often people in church do assume that because we are the youth worker they don’t have to do as much, because that’s what they pay us to do. Instead, the challenge for us as youth workers is to encourage the church to develop a team ministry.

Doug makes some awesome points:
“You need to be done with super-hero, do-it-yourself, solo youth ministry mentality. Healthy ministries rely on the gifts, talents, passions, and energy of other leaders.”

1. With a team, you’ll have more energy and endurance. God never intended for you to minister alone. He’s all about relationships.
2. With a team, your church is stronger.
3. With a team, your impact broadens. Working with a team helps you reach different types of students.

Developing and supporting the team of volunteers is becoming an increasingly important part of my work, and very rewarding to see the way in which teams are beginning to form with the different youth clubs and groups.

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