What a crazy week for bullying charities.  Christine Pratt the Chief Exec of the National Bullying Helpline decided to wade into the issue of bullying at No 10 Downing Street breaking all kinds of confidentiality.  Her ill thought through remarks could have identified those people at No 10 Downing Street who had contacted her charity.   This then led to the patrons of the charity resigning and the charity itself suspending business.

This all leaves me with a number of concerns

  • A clear breach of confidentiality has happened which could have identified those people at No 10 Downing Street who had contacted her charity.
  • The blaming of other bullying charities for being in competition with the National Bullying Helpline.  Firstly this seems irrelevant – who cares if there are other charities helping to deal with bullying, and secondly, many of them are dealing with different types of bullying, for example, Bullying UK, deal with school bullying.
  • Her claims will no doubt have put other people off from disclosing their problems with being bullied.
  • Christine Pratt is now being represented by Max Clifford, I hope that this story doesn’t rumble on, and more importantly that other information and data from the Helpline is published – we don’t need any more breaches of confidentiality – enough damage has been done.
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