It is well and truly crunch time.  After a season full of ups and downs it has all come down to the last match of the season.  By 5pm on Sunday we will know the identity of the 2007-08 Premier League champions.  The question is, who do you think it will be?  Manchester United have won all the plaudits for their football and have been the pacesetters since Arsenal lost the plot.  But slow and steady Chelsea have kept plugging away and in contention when it matters, and just don’t seem to go away.  So who is going to end up with the trophy on Sunday evening?  For me I think it will still be Manchester United, but I’m not very sure, so much depends on how Bolton and Wigan play.

For every winner there has to be a loser.  And, in the Premier League this weekend, there will be one winner and two losers.  If you take away Derby, who have been relegated since about October, it is one of the most competitive relegation battles in years.  On the last day of the season Birmingham, Reading, Fulham and (if Reading manage to score about nine goals) Bolton can all still be relegated.  The question is: who’s going down?  At the moment my guesses would be Birmingham and Reading.  I think Bolton have definitely done enough to be safe, and Fulham seem to have come into some kind of form at just the last minute.  I am sad the Reading will be going down, as I think Steve Coppell deserves more than that.


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