We as a church are privileged to work with a large number of families who have children with additional needs – be them physical, mental, or medical or a mix of all three.

This article is great at helping you understand the challenges and stresses they face as parents:

Whether it be physical, mental or medical or a mix of all three, parents with children of ‘needs’ quite frankly have more to think about than what to have for tea or whether they’ll make it to your birthday bash next week. Usually, especially when medical needs are involved, planning in advance is completely pointless, it just takes one tiny sickness bug, blood abnormality or backwards turn to cancel any of it anyway. We don’t get chance to reply to a message because by the time we start to do so someone starts bleeding or you have to get out of the door for your 7th appointment that week. When you finally remember it’s 3 weeks later and you’ve already pissed people off

Your brain can only hold so much…

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