Here are a few links from theology and church blogs, go check them out:

Ancient Rome (c. A.D. 320) in Google Earth: For more info, go to

Justin Buzzard offers some wise thoughts on thinking biblically about facebook.  (Thanks Justin)

Six ways to engage culture: an article by Jonathan Dodson that encourages us to engage culture prayerfully, carefully, biblically-theologically, redemptively, humbly, and selectively.

Short-term mission trips: there are lots of struggles with these kind of trips: do they benefit the person going more than the people they’ve gone to help?  Trevin Wax has written some helpful thoughts on this.

This is a few months old, and describes the weekly rehearsal plan for the bands Northpoint Community Church. Lesson-Practice makes better than no practice.

Justin Taylor linked to some YouTube interviews with Mark Dever via Desiring God:

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