John Piper: Children Understand the Universe before They Know There Is One – John Piper, on writing leave to write a book on marriage, posts an excerpt on how parents shape their children to think about God.

Over at the New Attitude blog Justin Taylor has given a few thoughts on responding to a couple of objections on the issue of is Jesus the only way to God.  It also includes a seven-minute video at the end where R.C. Sproul addresses the issue. It’s well worth your time.

Derek Thomas recently chatted with D.A. Carson on the topic of Christ and Culture.  Here is his answer on how young pastors should think about “engaging the culture:

Know what the gospel is first, comprehensively, accurately, faithfully. Work out from there. Learn to preach to your own people, not to the aggregates set out in books by Barna and Wuthnow (though much can be learned from such books). Whether the “engagement” is part of how you engage people evangelistically, or part of how Christians in your church do good in your own community, keep thinking through what the Bible itself says — and then try, like the men of Issachar, to understand your own times.

Justin Taylor points out a whole load of articles by Doug Moo (NT professor at Wheaton) on Jesus, Paul, and the Mosaic law:

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