A little bit late, but here is the weekly round up of theology and ministry posts and links:

Emerging v Emergent: Do the two terms reflect two different and differing segments of the larger emerging movement?  Dan Kimball says so; and now Dave Dunbar, who is the President at Biblical Seminary has a fine post on the distinction: “Missional, Emerging, Emergent: A Traveler’s Guide

Worship leaders and the displacement of Christ – Andy posts a quote from Graham Redding’s, Prayer and the Priesthood of Christ, on whether the role of ‘worship leader’ is displacing the role of Christ in the way that the Priest did in the Middle Ages.

The church is not a business – great post by Rob Merola.  (Thanks Scot)

Tim Keller on the gospel – a very good piece as recommended by Scot McKnight.

Driscoll: Emerging Churches “Don’t Have Converts” – Interesting article by David Fitch responding to comments by Mark Driscoll.

Sermons on Parenting – From Ryan Kelly, Pastor at Desert Springs Church in Albuquerque.

Sean Harrison, the general editor of the NLT Study Bible, has launched a blog at Tyndale to cover things like:

  • Examples of some of the great features in the NLT Study Bible.
  • The “inside scoop” on the development process.
  • Notable developments in the world of biblical scholarship or Bible translation, possibly with discussion of the NLT Study Bible’s handling of the issue.
  • Repeated queries (and complaints!) about the study materials, received through our customer service department and through the comments on this blog.
  • Interviews with contributing scholars and editors.
  • Honorable mention of developments in other study Bibles as they relate to the NLT Study Bible.
  • Notices of interesting posts by others about the NLT Study Bible.

Leadership & Family Holidays – C.J. Mahaney recently posted a series to encourage fathers and husbands to begin preparing their schedules—and their hearts—to lead their families in a “God-glorifying, grace-filled, relationship-building, memory-making time together.”  You can now download all his thought in one PDF file.  Go check it out.

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