Posted a day late but here is a catch up of ministry and theology bits and pieces from around the web and the world:

Einstein’s religion views: A letter from Einstein where he writes about his religious beliefs has sold for £170,000.

An Interview with Darrell Bock: Between Two Worlds interviews Darrell Bock (NT professor, Dallas Theological Seminary) about his Dethroning Jesus: Exposing Popular Culture’s Quest to Unseat the Biblical Christ (co-authored with Daniel B. Wallace).

Spiritual Health Survey: Colin Adams points out the Tenth Presbyterian “Spiritual Health Survey”.  It is something I’m looking to use for my own reflections.

5 Reasons why Preaching a Bad Sermon is Good for Me : Bob writes helpfully on the topic of preaching.

Matt Harmon has a summary, along with some thoughts, on a new international survey on biblical literacy.  (Thanks to Justin Taylor)

If you go to the New Attitude site you can, you can see Justin Buzzard’s live-blogging of their conference, as well as download for free all of the messages (Josh Harris; Bible Q&A with Al Mohler; John Piper; Eric Simmons; C.J. Mahaney).  (Thanks to Justin Taylor)

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