A local authority has built a new youth shelter using cash won through a TV show:

North East Derbyshire District Council entered their youth shelter project, designed with the help of young people, in ITV The People’s Millions Show and scooped £80,000 of Lottery funding after winning the regional final.

The shelter, which features automatic lighting and radio, has been decorated and illustrated by a street artist at the request of the young people involved.

Council leader Graham Baxter said: “The young people were really keen to have something they could call their own. We got them involved by producing a montage of the styles and options of teen shelters available.”

PC Jane Rawlinson, of the Scarsdale Safer Neighbourhood Team, added: “The shelter is designed to give the young people a sense of responsibility and ownership. It is their job to make sure it is respected and kept in a good condition.”

Children & Young People Daily Bulletin

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