As usual Spain start a tournament well – this time with a 4-1 win over Russia.  Here are some thoughts on the game:

  • It was a superb hat-trick from David Villa.
  • Torres and Villa have shown they can play together – in many ways this is very worrying!
  • The match started as an exciting tournament match, but as it went on, and Spain dominated, it became more like a friendly.
  • Once again Spain start well – but will they manage to do better in the knockout rounds?
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0 thoughts on “Ten rule changes to improve football. Discuss”

  1. How about :-

    1) Introduce sin bins and only have red cards for the most serious offences. Red cards ruin games and sin bins would help to reduce the number of reds. I suggest 5 mins of ball in play time. (ball in play time would be needed to stop time wasting by the team down to ten men.)

    2) Have a panel that studies major games to look for cheats. Any players found to be cheating (eg diving, pretending to be inhured) should be banned for a number of games. This would quickly stop the cheats that spoil major matches.

    3) After extra time, take the keepers off and play next goal winner. No more penalties.

  2. I like the ideas.

    Number one sounds a good idea – could we do that for two yellows – just for say 30 minutes and then they get to come back on.

    This is your best idea and i would love to see it implemented somehow – the difference it could make would be massive.

    This would be hilarious – Beckham etc. would be the specialist to come on instead of a penalty taker!

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