Life in the Premiership has been quiet without Jose Mourinho, so it was great to hear him back in the media, this time commenting on what he plans to do to Chelsea when he returns to management:

‘If I play them [Chelsea] in the Champions League, I want to go there and kill them – that’s my message’

Seems a little extreme, I’m not really sure that Chelsea were that harsh.  Anyhow it does need a little bit of context, as so often in today’s world.  He went on to say:

‘I still feel Chelsea is a part of me, I’ll have Chelsea in my heart forever.’

What is more important than his wish to destroy Chelsea is the impression that he will return to manage a Champions League-level club in the near future.  He denied he had signed a pre-contract agreement with Barcelona.  At the moment that must leave AC Milan as a good option.  What do you think?

Jose Mourinho

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