Lots of things from the world of Children’s & Youth work from the last couple of weeks:

Youthblog has written lots on Post-Christendom following the book release: We are the new Bohemians; Post Christendom

How Sunday school shaped Britain: a very positive article about the Sunday School of years gone by.

Home Office claims 20,000 a year caught by CRB checks

Family intervention projects cut antisocial behaviour

Plans to improve digital gamers’ safety

Youth Work and Social Media: Boundaries and Guidelines: Jon Jolly posts on the debate of the personal v professional posting on social media sites, and whether youth workers need two profiles – private and professional.

Your persona in high school can influence your career.

Generation Y’s Unique Challenge: Times Online writes on how graduates expect a lot and employers must learn to cater to their needs.

Magnetic Wallpaper Attracts Teens: Magnetic wallpaper attracts teens for their school lockers.
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