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It just wouldn’t be an Apple release without a Blendtec “Will it Blend?” video.

Those waiting for Blendtec to take on the iPhone 5C and 5S will be rewarded for their patience with this video. At first, Blendtec former CEO and current board member Tom Dickson messes with us a bit by explaining that he couldn’t get his hand on a gold 5S, so he got a bunch of 5Cs instead. Then Dickson’s doppelganger — decked out in a flashy gold outfit — arrives with the gold phone.

After that, it’s what you would expect — a fast-forward teardown that reduces all the phones to icky plastic dust, or as Dickson dubs it “rainbow smoke” and “gold smoke.” Stay to the end to Dickson’s gold grille and the rainbow and unicorn animation.

The 37-year-old Blendtec became a YouTube sensation with its “Will it Blend?” series, which detailed how golf balls, marbles and a Big Mac Extra Value Happy Meal fare once they’re stuffed into a Blendtec device. (Spoiler alert: Not well.) The company has previously tested the blendability of other iPhones and iPads.

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