HBR recently blogged on When Not to Tell ‘Em What You’re Gonna Tell ‘Em:

We’re all painfully familiar with presenters who attempt to impose order in their pitches by using their slides to track flow…Presenters insert copies of an agenda slide between sections, progressively shifting the highlighted bullet to “Tell ’em what they’re gonna tell ’em” in the upcoming section. This technique can be useful in long tutorial presentations, but if there are only one or two slides between the variations of the agenda in short presentations — and short presentations are obligatory in this 140-character day and age — the audience, feeling patronized, will react with a big Duh!

But maddeningly repetitive slides are no more maddening than presenters who impose a narrative laundry list on their bullets by saying “First, I’d like to talk about…” then move on to the second bullet saying, “Next, I’d like to talk about…” and then proceed through every bullet the same way until the end, when they say — wait for it — “Last but not least…”

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