The last few days have been a bizarre time for Manchester City fans.  From seemingly flat broke and relying on short-term loans from directors, with an owner accused of human rights abuses in Thailand, to the richest club in England in just a few hours.

The new owners, Abu Dhabi United Group for Development and Investment, immediately impressed supporters by trying to get one over United, with a last minute attempt to sign Berbatov.  Beating Roman Abramovich and Chelsea to Robinho was a great start.

The interesting issue though, is where will it lead.  Now they have the finances who else will they look to bring to Eastlands during the January transfer market?

They are serious about a top 4 place to gain the Champions League spot, but who is it they will evict?  Will it be Liverpool or Arsenal, only time will tell but it will be an interesting development to watch.  What do you think?

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